Dear Bambi & Sammi ✍

Good morning,
I'm currently deployed to the Middle East with the Royal Australian Air Force. Whenever I deploy I always cut off my hair as the harsh water just makes it so crispy and gross. For my birthday mum sent me a little pamper pack which included your No 1 Masque. I don't regret many things in life, but I do regret cutting off my hair this time. There was no need- your masque is the BEST hair masque I have ever tried...and I have used almost every organic/sustainable brand out there.

I have thick curly hair and it has taken away the halo of frizz and given my hair so much health and shine. I have been rationing it out in tiny amounts (it;'s nearly gone, but has lasted 5 treatments), which is all I need! I sit in a little shower cubicle weekly with my hair in a masque, reading Marie Claire and feeling like a girl again.

THANKYOU for crating this masque, I hope you appreciate knowing that you are helping a female military girl feel pretty again in the desert :-)


Being able to share and connect with people all over the world is the most rewarding part of this job. Thank you Deeply Shamsa for emailing  in with such kindness and love. May your journey be one that will continue to fuel your soul and bring you happiness in each moment of life - minus a halo of frizz
Love & Light

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