Percy's Aeroplane Cafe

It has been an absolute pleasure teaming up with the crew at Percy's Aeroplane Cafe, a space with a beautiful Aura, a-h-mazing food & one  giant Yellow coffee machine.

Owner/Manager Wesley fell in love with our Hand & Body Cleanse understanding the importance of looking after your hands in the Hospitality industry,  here what he has to say; 

"Hospitality is a passion because it goes beyond the cup of coffee or plate of yummy dish but the reason why people go to cafes. It's a place to either explore, enjoy or get away from it all for a moment so our task is to best fill that need when they are here. So in the hecticness of it all we as hospos have to take care of our skin"

Click here for all info on Percy's Aeroplane Cafe, head over & get yourself stuck into a plate of Percy's Thyme, cleanse your hands with Bambi & Sammi No.1 Hand Cleanse & enjoy the happy moment ~ 



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