vegie bar ● brunswick

Dance with the people to the beat of the the same drum ~ 
We are so proud to have aligned with Melbourne's iconic Vegie Bar
 as we are together on a mission to honour Mother Nature's wishing.
Bambi & Sammi and Vegie bar aim to reduce bottle waist into our planet by refilling each existing Bambi & Sammi bottle back up with enormous amounts of plant based love.
From humble beginnings over 20 years ago, Vegie Bar has grown to become one of Melbourne’s most popular haunts for both the health conscious & the hungry. Serving a vast array of dishes inspired by the world over, Vegie Bar continues to treat the masses to delicious & accessible contemporary vegetarian cooking.

Plant based food + Plant based skincare + Minimum waist = Happy Hippy souls

Click here for all info on our friends at Vegie Bar 

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