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Sending love, light & healthy locks to the 20 current employed homeless individuals working towards a brighter future. We were so overwhelmed by this amazing mission happening in Detroit, USA we just couldn't resist spreading love & bringing smiles to these sewing tables. 

The Empowerment Plan is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless community. Their goal is to help build a better life for those that have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness. They mostly hire homeless parents from local shelters to become full time seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, & gain back their independence for themselves & for their families. 

The individuals hired at The Empowerment Plan are trained to manufacture a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag at night, & a bag when not in use.  The coats are distributed to homeless people living on the streets at no cost to them through partnerships we have established with outreach organizations in communities around the nation.​
The Empowerment Plan believes in giving second chances to those who want it, & providing warmth to those who need it.

Click here for more info on the amazing mission at The Empowerment Plan

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