What is Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque?

A professional quality hair treatment created by real hairdresser - looking after you, while looking after the planet!

Who is Bambi & Sammi for?

It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, short or tall, Bambi & Sammi loves us all

How do I use my Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque?

Exactly how we would in the salon. Throughly wash your hair twice then towel dry hair to remove excess water. Starting with roughly a tablespoon of treatment, apply to damp hair from mid-lenghts to ends adding more if needed.

How long do I leave Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque in my hair?

Depending on your schedule, Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque can be left on for as little as 5 minutes to as long as it takes on the phone telling your best friend about that cute date you went on last night... and that one is out of the shower of course!

Tip 101

Your beautiful body is a beam of enormous energy and you constantly create internal heat all by yourself. Wrapping a warm towel around your head while your masque os on will trap that heat, stimulating the treatment into higher activation.

Why do I shampoo my hair twice?

Hairdresser Rule 101 - The first application of shampoo will remove the dirt and oil build up that is suffocating your hair cuticle. Make sure you wash that out well and go in again. The second shampoo will create a luscious foam boosting experience so you know you've got inside the cuticle and are super clean! REMEMBER it's the bubbles of nothing that mean everything!

Do I put Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque on my scalp?

No, any conditioning treatment should not be applied to the scalp as this will only promote oil gland activation.

Why should I towel dry my hair first?

This is really important as hair can only hold a small amount of moisture at anytime. Therefore removing excess moisture with a hand towel will create more room for the magic to get in.

Can I sleep with Bambi & Sammi No.1 Masque?

You sure can, who wouldn't want to wake up smelling magical aromas from mother nature's finest ingredients? Just make sure you rinse the masque out thoroughly in the morning.

What do I do to ensure the masque is rinsed properly?

Simple, just rinse with warm water, approximately 2-3 minutes, using your fingertips to softly glide the product out. make sure the water runs clean and no longer contains bubbles.

What now?

You are now ready to conquer the world, or at least your meeting at 11am! Whatever your sole duties are your hair will feeling amazing and will be shining so bright.

How many uses will I get?

Depending on your hair type.

Normal hair - 5 shots

Fine hair - 6-8 shots

Long/ thick hair - 3-4 shots

How long will my product last once opened?

Once you've opened your treat, try to use it all within 6 months, that's if you can resist that long!

I have extensions, can I use Bambi & Sammi?

Perfect - of course you can! Your hair extensions will love everything about Bambi & Sammi as they go through a pretty tough gig of chemical processing to get them where they are so some natural love and care will have them screaming for more!

I have oily hair?

Remember, any conditioning treatment should not be applied to the scalp. Use the recommeded amount for your hair and make sure you rinse the masque out really well and your hair will look and feel amazing, without any oiliness!

What does B/N mean on my product?

This little number is just the batch number.


How long will it take for my Bambi & Sammi treat to arrive?

We are still a small company therefore we will endeavour to post your treat the next (business) day. Generally all Australian orders the between 3-8 business days.

Metro Melb, Syd & Adel : 2-7 business days

Regional VIC, NSW & SA : 2-5 business days

Metro Brisbane, Hobart & Perth: 2-7 business days

All other areas: 2-8 business days

International shipping: 4-20 business days 

My order has not arrived, what do i do?

If your order is taking longer than expected delivery times, please shoot us an email to bambi@bambiandsammi.com