You know the saying, you are what you eat..?
Well kinda same concept when it comes to your skin, scalp & hair. 

The team at Bambi & Sammi have carefully selected where each and every ingredient has come from, ensuring they come from the best quality source available we have some big reasons why.

photo credit : @jrwynter

Your skin is classified as your largest,
fastest growing organ which absorbs anything and everything you put onto it.
Any substance directly in contact with your lovely skin gets absorbed & goes for a ride into your systemic circulation
`in other words gets directed straight into your bloodstream.
Your bloodstream not only comes into contact with every other organ in your body
- but is actually what feeds your hair maintaining health. 

Not only are our ingredients important physically, but we have chosen safe, social and morally safe work practices in order for our ingredients to be created which brings peace of mind to us all.


We Test on Humans ~ Animal testing is wasteful and morally unjust. It can be replaced by at least 450 modern alternatives yet society continues to let our animals suffer in cruel and painful experiments each day. Bambi & Sammi are against ANY form of animal testing and ask you to become conscious on how the products you purchase are tested. May we join forces and put an end to cruelty against animals and peacefully live together as one. #animalrights #animalrightsmovement

 Please click on the link below and sign the petition to support 
Cruelty-free Cosmetics within Australia. 

FREE from nasties ~ We aim to educate & raise awareness on commercially used toxic cosmetic chemicals and we have some good reasons why ; Paraben's are inexpensive cosmetic preservatives that have been scientifically proven to disrupt the human hormonal system, these chemicals have been linked to the development of several forms of breast cancer. Sulfates aka SLS are commonly used as wetting agents, emulsifiers & foaming agents - clinical studies have proven that these guys can be very irritating to both the skin and hair because it strips both of their natural protective oils.

We have carefully sourced & selected each and every element involved in our treats from our home Australia. From our bags, to paper, to ink to ingredient, we support local Australia aiming to stabilise our economy towards continuous growth.
Your purchases count, by choosing Australian made & Australian owned products you are creating work we need for our Australian workers.
#supportlocal #australianmade #australianowned

healthy hair +
healthy body +
healthy mind =
healthy consciousness