Targeted solutions to prevent the signs of ageing and targeted solutions for scalp and hair conditions

Naturaltech is a range of products and treatments designed to effectively counter specific scalp and hair conditions, helping them to regain the balance to restore their natural healthy state. The Naturaltech formulas contain phytocuticals, active biological compounds only found in plants, having exceptional antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. These properties also have an effect on human beings and are effective in countering free radicals. Products do not contain sulphates and parabens.

The superactives in each range are concentrates that are extremely effective in treating specific conditions. The packaging draws inspiration from the pharmecutical world, as well as that of herbalists featuring a collection of handmade drawings, which are symbolizing the function of each family. The containers are made with materials with recycled PET while the cartons, where required, are made with FSC paper with no paint or glue to ensure greater biodegradability.